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Here's a creative way to sip your coffee! Perfect for keeping hot drinks hot on the go, these lens doppelgängers are outfitted with easy to clean, heat preserving lining! Now, picture yourself having the coolest desk in the office with your lenticular jelly-bean holder. Or ... scooping a delicious ice-cream fudge sundae out of a camera lens. This 24-70mm camera lens is adjustable and zoomable! Get this for only. 450 pesos!
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Asian Fashion now hits Glamour Collection

Yes, it’s true! We’re importing our fashion products directly from the different Asian countries. Asian fashion is really one of the latest fashion trends in the market. With its new and trendy designs, fashionistas and fashionista in-the-making are sure to fall in love with these clothes. And not only that! Its fashion sense never gets out of style. It is conventional, and you can use it as a suit for parties, events, weekend dates, and many more. These Asian fashion became emergent to teens and post-teens these days that you can see almost everyone wearing the same style but different designs to choose from. Are you a born fashionista? Or are you a simple chic wanting to be glamorous and fabulous? Whatever type of chic you are, these Bangkok Tops are best for you. Here in Glamour Collection, we value our customer’s needs. You don’t need to compare the price. Compare the quality.

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We are open for wholesalers, and we give big discounts to bulk buyers and resellers. For reselling inquiries, please refer to our resell page, and send us email. HAPPY SHOPPING, GLAMOROUS BUYERS! :)


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